Grass 1956 CmbH has been a synonym of reliability and professionalism since 1956, a small hardware store that , throughout the years has turned itself into a modern successful business..

The company owes its success to the farsightedness of its founder, , Hugo Baumgärtner. 1936 Back in 1936 Baumgärtner opened a small hardware store in Vien and was able to keep pace with the times, continually expanding the range of industrial tools and articles,, with a keen eye, to technological innovation..

After his father’s demise,, Erich Baumgärtner focused his attention on international, markets, proposing high-quality tools on a large scale and a affordable prices..

In 2000 and in later years Christian Baumgartner, who had been an active figure in the company since 1991, 1991 , became the new Chief Executive Officer, succeeding his father, Erich. , Grass GmbH today is a growing modern international trading company . whose ultimate goal is to offer high technology and high quality products..

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